Florida A&M at Ohio State

Sept. 21, 2013

The Buckeyes are always a strong team and every year they put out many seniors as first round draft picks. Their players, just to name a few, have included Beanie Wells of the Cardinals, A.J. Hawk for Green Bay, Anthony Gonzalez for the Colts, Santonio Holmes for the Jets and Will Allen for the Steelers. This year is no different they are proving to be one of the greatest college football teams around, despite still being behind Oregon and Clemson. 

Kenny Guiton, backup quarterback for Ohio State, set an Ohio State record with six touchdown passes in a single game, not only did he get 6 touchdowns, he got them in half the game. They scored three touchdowns within the first six minutes of the game and annihilated Florida A&M in a 76-0 game. The Buckeyes were favored to win by 51 points, the game was a complete mismatch, fourth placed Ohio had 34 first downs compared to FAMU’s 2 first downs.

This game marked one of Ohio’s most lopsided victories since 1935! Despite the huge win Coach Meyer said that injured Braxton Miller is still their starting quarterback and are hoping to play him soon.

They then went on to beat California in a 52-34 game and Wisconsin in a 31-24 game, bringing Ohio to 5-0 so far.  


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