Tarik Black: Possible NFL player?

Tarik Black is a senior at University of Kansas, he’s 6 foot 9 and 260 pounds. He’s currently playing basketball, and hopes to play pro one day, but he could be playing in the NFL this year. Why? Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, went to a Kansas game, invited by the coach, and really found an interest in Tarik. Such an interest that he wants him to come play for Green Bay! Tarik has no football experience, and was surprised my Aaron’s genuine interest in him. He wasn’t sure he wanted to try for the NFL, and wasn’t sure Aaron was serious about his intent, but decided to text him anyway just to make sure. Aaron Rodgers There are currently three NFL teams expressing their interests in getting him to come play tight end for them. He is still hoping to play for the NBA but right now is considering all of his options. 


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