Exhilarating? Life-Changing? How would you describe your first game?

Whatever sport you’re into, or may be you’re into them all, how would you describe your first game experience? For me, I love football, I love other sports too but football has always been and will always be my true love. Ever since I was a baby my dad would sit me in front of the TV and we would watch football all day. These are things you grow up to truly cherish and memories you can’t forget. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you watch a great game. The rushing of the players and the defeating tackles, the mere seconds of anxiety slowly tearing through you as the ball soars toward the end zone. Whether your team wins or loses it’s always a great day for football. I remember my first, and sadly only, NFL game, like it was yesterday. I remember the drive there, filled with anticipation and eagerness, waiting to see my favorite people in person, the Green Bay Packers. I grew up in Arizona and they were here to play the Cardinals. The excitement was so thick you could have tasted it from miles away. Every person there made an impact on me, strangers tail gating and sharing times that would soon become just a wonderful memory. The Packers would unfortunately go on to lose that day, but my faith in them only grew, my love for them only grew. After the game I had the chance to meet several of the players and get my new cheese head signed. This was by far the most exciting, exhilarating moment as I was meeting who I may interview one day in the future. Would you describe your first game as one of the best days of your life? I would! It changed me forever, made me want to pursue a career in sports, a career following something I love so dearly. To some it’s just football, to me it’s a way of life.


NFL Draft 2014- Top Picks and Also Some Interesting Thoughts

Jadeveon Clowney, DE, another great prospect gets drafted first overall to the Houston Texans. He is a big guy standing at 6’5″ and weighing in at 266 pounds, but he is able to run quickly and will make a good addition to this teams defensive line. This is great for them because they will have an awesome defensive line this year and can hopefully do as well if not better than they did in 2012. 

Johnny Manziel, quarterback at Texas A&M, the highest prospect for the 2014 draft goes to the Cleveland Browns, will this help them win more games? What’s shocking is that he was the 22nd pick after so much speculation over him all year. I think they are still lacking a lot for their team. Regardless of getting a brand new shiny quarterback, you have to have a team that can back him up and catch the ball. We can hope for the Browns that this quarterback is worth it. Also, we can hope that Manziel will put in the work to prove himself, unlike great college quarterbacks before him like Matt Leinart. Where is he anyway? Poor guy can’t stay at one team and after bouncing around year to year from Cardinals to Texans, Raiders to Bills he is now a free agent, in case anybody wants him!

Michael Sam, DE, goes to the Rams and the whole world goes crazy. Honestly who cares about what he does in his personal time. He’s a decent player who tries hard and plays hard during each game. Although the Rams may be worried because Oprah just secured him a documentary of his life outside the Rams. They have agreed to film everywhere except the Rams facility, which may keep his head out of the game. 

Ha’Sean Clinton Dix goes to the Packers in the 20th pick overall. He is a good free safety, and he is fast. I think this is a good pick for the Packers, this will help Clay Matthews and Kuhn get some help on the defensive line. The Packers though obviously need a stronger offensive line to protect Aaron Rodger’s from getting sacked eight times in one half and I hope that they found what they are looking for in the rest of the draft. 

Plenty of interesting picks this year but these few are the most talked about, and favorites of the draft. I can’t wait until pre-season to see how everyone performs. If you have anything you’d like to add, or anyone you want to chat with me about then comment below! I would love to hear from you!