Cardinals Draft 2014

The Cardinals are always in need of good players and they seem to do the worst draft picking EVER. NFL analysts said the Cardinals needed cornerbacks, safeties, offensive lineman, linebackers and a quarterback, which is definitely all true, and the Cardinals unfortunately only drafted the safety and the quarterback. They chose Logan Thomas from Virginia Tech as their QB. He is taller than most quarterbacks and can easily throw over everyone. He also is the only QB prospect that was able to throw the ball 60mph. He plays well, and the Cardinals and fans can hope that he will be the next Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick, especially since those are direct rivals and are doing really well. 

They also chose Deone Bucannon from the Saints are their strong safety. A good choice for the Cards, he is quick and a good size for a safety, although he has trouble recovering, but hopefully as he grows with the Cardinals and the NFL he will improve over time.

They picked a few wide receivers, John Brown and Walt Powell. John Brown is quite small and this may be a disadvantage for the Cards, but he plays well and is quick and will be a great back up for Fitzgerald. Walt Powell suffered a foot injury towards the end of 2013 season and was out a few games, will this also be a disadvantage for the Cards? We will have to see this fall.

They chose two defensive ends, Kareem Martin and Ed Stinson and a tight end Troy Niklas. All three great players and great size. Hopefully this year will be better for the Cardinals, especially with such a tough rivalry in the NFC West.